Need a solution to store your paperwork, display kids pictures, remember appointments, whether in the home, kitchen, office, study, factory or commercial environment, our made to measure stainless steel magnetic notice board will make a stylish addition.

Our magnetic noticeboards are designed to be adhered directly to the wall for a neat seamless appearance with no visible fixings. If you prefer, we can add mounting holes and include some stainless steel dome head screws for a small additional charge to complete the look.

Each board is made from industrial grade 430 stainless steel, the ferrous content in this grade is what makes it magnetic and renders it unsuitable for splashback use.

It is available as a flat sheet, 0.9mm thick, or with a solid mdf core supplied as a 10mm finished thickness, folding the steel over all four sides to ensure the mdf is not visible.
If you need something a bit different, an L-shape, curves to the top or even a custom made shape or name – we’ve even laser cut a cow and many other shapes; if you fancy a coloured noticeboard, we can powder coat the whole board in a single Ral colour, perfect for students, halls or for developers looking for something specific for their project.

Please contact us for more information and prices.

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Stainless Steel Notice Board – Flat Sheet

0.9mm thick (flat sheet)

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MDF Backed Stainless Steel Notice Board

10mm thick overall

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Magnets (Sold in packs of 6)

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