Our brushed stainless steel door and drawer fronts are a great addition to your kitchen; whether you are looking to replace all your doors and drawers, or individual pieces to compliment or contrast other doors we can provide the fronts you need. You can even change a damaged existing door you cannot get a replacement for.

As well as adding something special to your kitchen, stainless steel cupboard doors are easy to clean, durable and long lasting, which is ideal for busy families. It can also make a great addition to any utility room or garage storage. They can also match key features in the kitchen such as the sink and oven or hob so can work beautifully to create a simple but stylish theme.

We offer a variety of standard sizes; however, all are made bespoke to order we can easily accommodate an unusual or custom size. We will pre-drill holes for standard hinge holes which are 117mm from top and bottom, unless otherwise specified. Matching handleless doors and drawer fronts can be done to for continuity, especially important if you are only replacing key door or drawer fronts.

In a range of sizes, all of our cupboard door and drawer fronts are made from industrial grade 304 stainless steel, backed onto a solid white faced 18mm mdf core with all four sides folded the corners are welded and brushed.

Looking for a more industrial or durable look, we can clad the entire door in steel; for outdoor use we can leave the door core free – please contact us for prices.

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Clearance – Stainless Steel Doors 396mm x 596mm

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Stainless Steel Door Fronts

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Stainless Steel Drawer Fronts

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