Today’s modern home and kitchen is more than just somewhere to cook, through opening up our spaces and adopting the open plan layout, we are doing more and more in our kitchens.

The range of gadgets for our kitchens are expanding – such a variety of products to use, most of which require a power supply – consider moving away from traditional wall mounted sockets and look at our range of pop up power sockets.

Some can be flush fit and some can even have appliances plugged in while they are retracted into the worktop. Featuring standard plug sockets, USB chargers and LED lights all allow you to finish off the worktop with practical style.

Enhance your plinth with our plinth light kit; available in 2 sizes with transformers and all you might need to light up the base of your cabinets.

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15mm Plinth Light Kit

Plinth Lights

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15mm Additional Plinth Lights

Plinth Lights

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Pop-up 2 Way Power Socket

Pop-up Power Sockets

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Pop Up, 2 Way, 4 x USB Power Socket.

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Pop-up 3 Way Power Socket

Pop-up Power Sockets

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Pop-up 3 Way, USB and LED Power Socket.

Pop-up Power Sockets

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