If you have a high traffic area, doors that are prone to damage or simply want a stylish practical solution to a busy environment, our kickplates and push plates are the products for you. They are suitable for schools, factories, student accommodation, hospitals and many commercial and semi commercial areas.

Our standard kickplates and push-plates are made in our Leicester workshop bespoke to order using our standard 0.9mm thick 304 grade brushed stainless steel. We generally round off the corners for safety, but can provide square corners and ensure the brushing is in the same direction, where possible. We pre-drill the mounting holes for swift, easy fitting and include matching screws.

Maximum length of 2.9m

If your project requires the screws to be countersunk, we can do this too using a slightly thicker 1.2mm thick steel. Please contact us for prices or to discuss your individual project requirements.

We can also supply folded corner protectors to prevent damage to high use & vulnerable areas in stainless or even aluminium chequer plate.

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Stainless Steel Kickplate with mounting holes

0.9mm thick (flat sheet)

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