Looking for a place to store your utensils or want to accessorise your splashback, then look no further. Our utensil rails are cut to order, supplied with fixing brackets and our own custom made hooks; we can even pre-fit it to your splashback for easy fitting when both items are ordered together.

All of our utensil rails and fittings are made from 304 grade stainless steel tube; ½ inch outside diameter and a 1.5mm wall, with the brackets supplied at 0.9mm thick. We make our own hooks forming them from 4mm thick stainless steel rod, strong enough for any utensil.

Maximum length of 2.9m

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Stainless Steel Utensil Rail

Utensil Rail

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Utensil Rail End Brackets (Pair)

Utensil Rail End Brackets

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Utensil Rail Centre Support

Utensil Rail Centre Support

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Utensil Rail Hooks (sold in packs of 10)

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