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Are your products made from real stainless steel or are they stainless steel effect?

The majority of our products are made from 304 grade stainless steel, our worktops are made from a marine or 316i grade stainless steel, which makes them more resilient to repeated contact with cleaners, acids and enzymes. The magnetic notice boards are made from 430 grade steel which contains an element of ferrous material thus making them magnetic.

What is the largest splashback/upstand/plinth you can make?

The sheet size of our stainless steel is 3000 x 1500mm, which would be supplied with horizontal brushing; for vertical brushing, the longest length would be 1500mm.
If you opt for our solid mdf backed products, the overall length/width would need to be reduced by the thickness of the mdf for all edges that would require the steel folding over.

Please contact us if you are unsure or have questions about larger sizes.

I need a splashback/upstand/plinth longer than 3 metres, what can I do?

The only solution for a longer length is to introduce a join and supply your required product in two or more sections. Our recommendation would be to fold the ends that meet to create a fold to fold join. If a less visible join is required, we can offer a butt join but this may incur additional costs for the preparation and finish of the product. We do, however, offer a range of joining trims for our upstands and plinth products which can cover the join or allow some tolerance in the fitting.

Consideration should be given to the practicalities of delivering longer lengths too.

Will my product mark or rust over time?

Stainless steel has become a more popular product because of its durability and life span.
If the steel is cleaned regularly and abrasive products are avoided the products will look the same as when delivered.

We should note that the 430 grade of our noticeboards is unsuitable for use as a splashback due to the ferrous content of the material.

What is the difference between your backed and flat sheet products?

Our flat sheet product is only 0.9mm in thickness and is suitable for freshly plastered walls. The backed products feature a solid panel of mdf  – of which we can vary the thickness for a core and we fold the steel over the edges required to conceal the core.

From a practical perspective, the flat sheet is perfect for smooth flat walls and the mdf backed products are suited to uneven surfaces and can be pushed into place to conceal any gaps caused by natural undulations in the walls.

How can I get a quotation on the goods I require?

Getting a price couldn’t be easier, our standard products have areas where you can put in the length and width or height that you require to get an instant price

Alternatively you can visit our Contact Page and even attach drawings for something a little more complex.

How much is Shipping/Delivery?

All of our prices include free shipping / delivery to most mainland UK addresses.
There may be a delivery surcharge for orders that require delivery to the Scottish Highlands any offshore island addresses. If you are unsure, please Contact us.

Can I cut/trim my products down myself?

Ideally, we would suggest that the products are purchased at the sizes that you require rather than trying to cut them. It may take a little longer to finalise the measurements but the finished result is certainly worth it.

Cutting the steel can be tricky, we have a specialist guillotine to obtain a neat edge on the steel and we make the mdf cores to fit each product. Using domestic tools can be difficult to do and can leave uneven and sharp edges.

Backed products are more complex to cut as there are two completely different substrates to cut.

If the only option is for you to cut the products we would suggest the best method of cutting is to use an angle grinder with a thin (1mm) cutting disc suitable for stainless steel cutting very slowly so the steel doesn’t get hot and tarnish in colour.

When cutting a backed product, use the grinder to cut only the steel and then cut the mdf with a wood saw.

If you have questions on this process please Contact us.

How long is your lead time?

All of our products are made bespoke to each individual order, for most standard products we can deliver usually within 3-4 working days after payment has cleared. As soon as the goods are ready they are well packed and sent with our carrier.
Orders with special requirements may take a little longer than this.
Our worktops take between 2-4 weeks, after approval of drawings, depending on the specification of the project, this can be advised when we provide a quotation.
Please feel free to Contact us if you want to see how your order is progressing or if you need your product in a shorter time frame.

How long does shipping take?

As soon as the manufacturing of your product has been completed we securely package the items and use TNT or Tuffnells for our deliveries.

As a standard we operate a next working day service, however, for some longer, heavier or larger parcels this may take a day or two longer.

If you need delivery on a specific day, please contact us on placement of the order to ensure we can achieve this. We can also offer timed deliveries, though these are subject to a small surcharge.

Smaller items are dispatched using Royal Mail.

If you would like to know the status of your order or delivery, please Contact us.

What does 'Shaped Edge or Cut Outs' mean?

The design of some products can dictate an irregular edge or require a curved edge to match an extractor housing. As all our products are made to order, we can accommodate these with the supply of a drawing.

We should note that irregular shapes and smooth edges to curves are only available on some products due to the limitations of our machinery. Please check that we can make your product as required before placing an order.

Cut outs usually refer to socket cut outs in splashbacks or cut outs for lights in plinth, all of which we can accommodate, but drawings will be required to confirm measurements and placement of cut outs.

Drawings can be sent either through our Contact us page or by email:

What does 'Brushing' mean?

All our products are supplied as brushed stainless steel, this means the steel has a fine grain within the steel. The direction of this brushing can be specified upon placement of the order. Occasionally there are limitations with the sheet size, if you have questions or a specific requirement, please Contact us.

Do your backed products come with folded edges?

Our mdf backed splashbacks have the steel folded over all four sides as standard.
The stainless steel upstands are supplied with the top edge only folded as standard, there is an option to have one or both of the ends folded. Plinths are manufactured bonding the steel onto the mdf face only, we offer the option to have one or both ends folded and can fold along the length if required, but this will impact the cost.

Adding the folds to the ends can be done online when placing your order or if you prefer, please Contact us with your details for a quotation.

Can you supply your products with cut outs for power sockets?

Cut outs for power sockets can be included within our products.

To ensure the accuracy of the final product, we will require a diagram to confirm the dimensions and location of all cut outs. Drawings can be sent via our Contact us page or by email at

How do I fit my splashback/upstand?

To fit, simply adhere to the wall, either using silicon adhesive, available through our online store, or a grip-type adhesive like No More Nails, available from most DIY Stores.

Run several generous lines along the reverse of your splashback and apply to the wall.

If the splashback does require any sealing around the edges, we recommend the use of our high quality CT1 sealant.

This needs to be applied sparingly to the join and any excess cleaned off the surface of the noticeboard using white spirit and a soft cloth.

How do I fit my plinth?

Our flat sheet plinth is designed to be glued or bonded to your existing plinth using either the silicon or CT1 adhesives available in Our Store.

For MDF backed plinth, this is fitted as a standard plinth would be by fixing plinth clips to the rear of the plinth, also available to purchase in Our Store.

Can I drill my product for screw mounting?

Although our stainless steel products are designed to be bonded into place, drilling mounting holes can be undertaken at home. We recommend lightly centre punching the hole, then using a quality drill bit, drilling at a slow speed, with some cutting oil for lubrication.

My order has come through damaged, what can I do?

We make every effort to pack your order safely and securely to ensure that it arrives with you in perfect condition. In the unfortunate event that any part of your order comes through damaged in transit, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt, with pictures of the damage and we will resolve the matter.

Please note, with carrier deliveries, if any goods have visible external damage to the packaging we ask that you either refuse the delivery, or when signing for the delivery that a note is made that the goods were received as damaged.