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1810 Aero 3 Hole Design

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Accessory Trough 900

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Zenuno15 400U

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1810 – Henry Holt Twin Lever Tap

Henry Holt Twin Lever

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Accessory Trough 1200

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Zenuno15 500U

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Accessory Pack 1

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Zenuno15 700U

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1810 – Henry Holt Bridge Tap

Henry Holt – Bridge Tap

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1810 Courbe in Brushed Steel / Chrome/Copper/Gold-Brass/Gun Metal/Matte Black

1810 Courbe

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Accessory Pack 2

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1810 – Henry Holt Wall Mounted Tap

Henry Holt Wall Mounted Tap

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1810 Spirale Flexible Spout

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1810 Moulins Classic

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Spirale Flexible Spout – Knurled

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Spirale Spring Tap

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1810 Finire Knurled

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1810 Rodez Classic

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1810 – Henry Holt Single Lever Tap

Henry Holt Single Lever

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