The subtly integrated burners will fit in every type of kitchen. Classic, rural, contemporary, design: this cooking system knows no boundries. The position of the burners can be placed from the customers point of view. With PITT by Reginox, you will be the designer of your own cooking area.

The burners of PITT by Reginox are professional and powerful, suited for every kind of cooking technique (for example stir frying, simmering or roasting.) PITT by Reginox also offers the unique, multifunctional burner: a combinated burner which you can use for cooking on low power (simmmering) and on high power (Stir frying), operated by just one knob. This burner will offer you 30% more power compared to a traditional one.

Functionality as intended.

PITT by Reginox is fantastic for inspired cooking! Besides the ease of use it is also very easy to clean. Due to the design flexibility the cooking area can be cleaned fast and easily. PITT by Reginox – enriches your kitchen area in so many ways.

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