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2014 - A busy year for Stainless Direct UK

As the year draws to a close in 2014, we celebrate an incredible year here at Stainless Direct UK. We have undertaken a huge number and a wide variety of projects over the past 12 months and have many happy customers.

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Stainless Direct UK Ė Commercial Developments

30 October 2014

Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in its applicability in kitchens for both domestic and commercial use.The material’s hard-wearing qualities, low maintenance, durability, resistance to corrosion and staining, combined with the stunning finish; all influence the use of our stainless steel products in kitchens.

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Kitchen design: Doís and Doníts

30 August 2014

Make your kitchen a place where you will want to spend your time rather than just a functional space with Stainless Direct’s kitchen do’s and don’ts.

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Ideas

21 July 2014

Kitchen designers, appliance manufacturers and homeowners have used stainless steel to furnish modern and traditional kitchens for decades, but while it is such a familiar material, with exceptions made to sinks and appliances, many people fail to recognise the style opportunities that the metal can bring to a kitchen space.


Revive your kitchen with a stainless steel worktop

23 June 2014

When embarking on the exciting restoration of your kitchens design you don’t need to spend thousands on expensive architects or templating designs by professionals. Particularly when it comes to worktops, you can achieve that new kitchen look without spending large amounts of money.


Welcome to the world of Stainless Direct UK

30 May 2014

Whether you are from the domestic or trade markets and purchasing items for the kitchen or bathroom we have an extensive range of products which are ideal to tick all of your boxes, particularly when it comes to stainless steel.