Stainless Direct UK is a family run business offering open and honest advice about integrating stainless steel worktops into any environment. Whether it's your home, office, commercial or industrial - we understand that one size doesn't always fit all so we design and manufacture all of our brushed stainless steel kitchen worktops to your unique specification.

Stainless steel has increased in popularity in recent years, due to it being both stylish and practical. It's easy to clean, hygienic and perfect for sterile areas. It offer's a unique look to any kitchen from the more traditional - featuring Belfast Sinks, wooden units and doors, with a range cooker to bare brickwork for a modern twist.

Alternatively a contemporary room with clean lines creates a striking look.

We use exceptional materials

We use 316 marine grade brushed stainless steel for our worktops. It offers maximum corrosion resistance, giving the highest protection against citrus acids and cleaning products to ensure your kitchen worktop remains in perfect condition. This steel itself ranges from 1.2 - 2mm thick and is bonded onto moisture resistant mdf cores - the finished depth of the kitchen worktop varies from 20 to 120mm upwards, depending on personal preference.

Bespoke stainless steel worktops, made to measure

A variety of edges can be included on your stainless steel kitchen worktops, from our standard square edge to a shark nose folded at 30 degrees, alternatively consider a waterfall profile to create a kitchen worktop with a ‘wet area’. All add to the elements that make your stainless steel kitchen worktop unique to your design.

Attention to detail, friendly and practical advice

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. We always strive to produce the neatest finish incorporating joins, hobs and sinks where required, tailor making every project to suit individual kitchens and budgets. Customer can use our services for their bespoke kitchen worktops as much or as little as they need. We offer a templating and installation service, so that our team can take responsibility for the whole project, measuring your kitchen or simply converting the measurements you provide to CAD drawings ahead of manufacture. Your stainless steel worktops can be installed by our expert fitters or delivered for you to fit yourself.

We will be happy to guide you through any stage of the process from the initial design and layout of your worktops to the finer details of how stainless steel can work in your kitchen. If you're unsure about anything at all from measurements and sizes to shapes or sinks we will be pleased to help.

Features to make your brushed stainless steel kitchen worktop project unique

We offer a wide range of products and additional finishes that includes the use of other metals for your kitchen worktop, including brass, galvanised steel or zinc where required.

A wide range of sink and combined sink and drainer units that can be found for sale here on our website. These sink units can be fitted into our worktops a variety of ways - the traditional method of dropping the sink onto the surface of the worktop or alternatively under mounting the sink either by bonding or welding to the stainless steel worktop.

Please feel free to browse our unique features below, or take a look through our gallery of stainless steel kitchen worktops for some ideas.

Welded stainless steel sink

Stainless steel worktop with Welded sink

Welding is where the sink becomes an integral part of the kitchen worktop with no visible seam or join. This method gives a seamless integration between the sink and worktop. We should note here that not all sinks are suitable for welding into stainless steel worktops, hence we have allocated a separate section on our products page for weldable sinks.

Bonded undermount sink

Stainless steel kitchen worktop with Bonded sink

This method is where the sink is bonded to the underside of the stainless steel worktop.
Whilst this offers a neat finish, there is a discernible edge where the worktop meets the edge of the sink leaving a fine line. It is an extremely popular method of fitting as it offers a neat cost effective alternative to welding. In addition to this almost any sink unit can be bonded to a stainless steel worktop, thus increasing the range of sinks that can be chosen.

Stainless steel island worktops

Stainless steel island worktops

An island worktop is generally the centrepiece of many homes and kitchens. We can help you to create a stunning piece for your environment. Whether it is a standard shape worktop, or with sweeping curves from the stainless steel worktop to the floor - we can offer welded end panels for a sharp seamless look, create a breakfast bar worktop, offer legs for support to the kitchen worktop or even help you design your own unique stainless steel kitchen worktop feature.
All of our stainless steel island worktops are usually folded and returned on all four sides and can feature sink units, hobs, pop up power sockets and lined waste chutes for the more commercial environments.

Hob mounted onto stainless steel worktop

Cookers and hobs

Stainless steel worktops are versatile and work well alongside traditional range cookers work just as well as more modern units and hobs. Hobs can be surface mounted into the kitchen worktop or can also be flush fit to match the stainless steel worktop. We do this by rebating or recessing the hob into the worktop so it sits level with the worktop stainless steel of the worktops. Alternatively low profile hobs can also be fit for a neat stylish finish.

Curved Corner (Worktop)

Corners within a stainless steel kitchen worktop

Where joins are required in commercial environments or close to sink areas we recommend fold to fold joins. This is where the steel is folded and returned over the ends of the stainless steel worktop that meet, creating a watertight seal and prevent long term water ingress.

For corners on our stainless steel worktops, we have a superbly honed technique for tightly folding, welding and finishing for a single seamless angle. These corners can be undertaken on an external or internal corner of the worktop.
Many of our clients like the crisp corners on their kitchen worktops, but some have a preference for something softer with a radius. We can offer a tight or broad radius on the stainless steel worktops and havea range of images available to show the difference between the two.

Butt Joint (Worktop)

Joins and corners in a stainless steel kitchen worktop

The beauty of stainless steel is its versatility and the fact that it can be welded together. For longer sections of worktops or for bespoke shapes in stainless steel worktops we can weld joins where appropriate. Where this is not possible an alternative is a visible join, which offers a thin line of a join across the kitchen worktop sealed with our CT1 for a smooth, neat finish.
All visible corners can be welded to create a single, seamless angle, both internal and external.

Integrated Upstand (Worktop)

Other kitchen worktop accessories

We can offer integrated or separate upstands with the stainless steel worktops to create a stylish and practical seal against water ingress.

We offer a wide range of taps, from standard to chef’s taps, to filter and boiling taps all of which can be supplied with your stainless steel worktops – a one stop shop for all your project’s needs.

Pop-up Power Socket (Worktop)

Triple sockets with a stainless top are available which retract into the worktop. These are very stylish & especially good for island tops; these can also be flush fit into the stainless steel worktop. We have bespoke stainless steel removable drainers, splashbacks & utensil rails to add the finishing touches. The stainless steel kitchen worktops can be supplied ready to accept any additional options.